Dr. Giggles Review

Posted: November 19, 2011 in 90s Horror, Retro Reviews, Reviews

Dr. Giggles is the story of a maniacal physician who escapes from the local insane asylum. As his name implies, Dr. Giggles is a bit of a jokester. The more he kills, the more he jokes, the more he jokes, the more he giggles. Naturally, when a group of horny teenagers cross his path he begins an unstoppable murderous rampage. Holly Marie Combs stars as Jennifer Campbell, a slightly less horny teenager with a heart defect. Fortunately for Jennifer, Dr. Giggles is on call and more than willing to help with her faulty heart. This movie is OK, as far as 90s horror goes. It fails to live up to some of its contemporaries, such as Candyman and Scream, but it isn’t all bad. The effects are decent. The acting is decent. The movie is decent. My single biggest problem with the movie is the casting of Larry Drake as The Dr. He is just so ugly. He is really, really, really ugly. Ugly to the point where I want to avert my eyes when he is on screen. That aside, Dr. Giggles is a watchable 90s horror film that provides a few legitimate scares and a worthwhile rental if everything else at the video store is checked out.

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